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From relaxation to deep tissue massage, we offer a variety of massages to suit the individual.  Massage can be very helpful for destressing or working out tension.

30-Minutes  $40

60-Minutes  $65

90-Minute  $85


Using needles smaller than a strand of hair, we can help guide the body in the direction of health.  These sessions can last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and can incorporate other tools such as heat therapy, electricity and cupping.

Initial Session  $110

Follow-up Session  $75

Community Acupuncture  $30

Cosmetic Acupuncture  $115

Fusion Relaxation

This relaxing service includes an herbal foot soak, reflexology on the hands and feet, a relaxing pressure on the head, neck and upper back.  This is a full body treatment that is generally done in our Community Room, divided by privacy curtains and in comfortable clothing.

60-Minutes  $45

90-Minutes  $65

Contouring Body Wrap

These wraps are an all natural approach that help people lose cellulite and inches.  It uses circulation and gently pressure to help the body detox.  It also firms and tones the skin.  These wraps take about an hour.  Add one of our other services, like a mini facial, for an even more relaxing service.

Body Wrap  $110

Body Wrap + Facial Rejuvenation  $130

Facial Rejuvenation/

Mini Facial

Uses lymphatic drainage techniques to help detox the face, improve circulation and promote collagen production.

Facial rejuvenation does not use products.  The mini facial uses all natural products to firm and tone the skin.

Facial Rejuvenation  $30

Mini Facial  $35



Cupping uses a glass or plastic cup to create a suction on the body.  This can help breakup cellulite, improve circulation to ease pain and help detox.  Scraping is just like it sounds and can provide similar results.

Cupping $30

Scraping $1/Minute