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Our packages provide our guests with the best and most popular services to maximize the full expereince of relaxation

Package Deals

We welcome you to Relaxolgy! Listed below are our package that include our guests' all time favorites or deals perfect for a spa day for two! Or if you're on the adventures side, our introduction package includes a taste from both the newly integrated head spa and our specialized massages. All prices are deducted 10% of their original value. We hope to see you soon! 

  • Day Package

    Perfect for a getaway towards relaxation
    Valid for one month
    • Fusion Relaxation Massage
    • Relax and Unwind - Head Spa
    • Face Mask Upgrade
  • Day Package for Two

    Enjoy this day pass with the best company
    Valid for one month
    • Any choice massage
    • Luxury - Head Spa
    • Hot Stone
    • Gua Shua Sculpting or Hair Oil
  • Luxury Package

    Perfect for a VIP experience combining our best services
    Valid for one month
    • Any Choice Massage
    • Hot Stone
    • VIP - Head Spa
    • Hair Mask
    • Scalp Exfoliation

Gift Certificates

Whether you’re looking to reward yourself with a little something or you’re looking to give a gift certificate to loved one or a friend you can do it all right here


Head Spa


Body Work



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