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Tyrell Minor

Reflexology Specialist

Reflexologist and Reiki Healer, is all about bringing the mind, body and soul into an harmonic balance by combining energy therapy and reflexology.

Tyrell has over ten years of experience as a therapeutic Reflexologist and bodyworker. 

Glenn Agriam

Sports Massage/Rehab Specialist
Individual with healing hands originally from Southern California but a long time Arizona resident, with several years of massage experience.  Specialize in deep tissue and sports modality techniques which include trigger point, Myofascial, active/passive movement release, lymph drainage and pre/post event massage and or stretches.  More involved with the therapeutic side of massage yet also adaptive to giving a nice, soothing and relaxing session. 

Serena Williams

Massage Therapist
I had always loved giving massages to others, including animals, since I was about 10 years old. During my junior year in high school, of 2015-2016, I took a certified massage therapy class from Benjamin Barth at CAVIT in a small town Coolidge, Arizona who later passed away in 2017. Massage is a blessing and a terrific way of expressing my love for what I do and helping others get that natural healing. I learned many different types and techniques of massage, my favorites are sports medicine, deep tissue, full body scrubs, and Hot stone massage. Massage therapy is one of my many passions and I believe you can feel that when you experience what I can do.

Nicole Smaga

Womens' Health Specialist
My name is Nicole and I've been a massage practitioner for 10 years now. My Passion is wellness and bringing comfort to others around me. Originally I'm from Michigan and now live locally in Arizona with my husband and son. Along with body work I also practice yoga and bring both forms of holistic health professionally and personally in my life. Although I'm a well rounded practitioner my focus is on women's health with prenatal and postnatal massage work,  as well as, yoga health for all and that includes children too!